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Yoshida Print Knee Skirt  By JP & Mattie
Yoshida Print Knee Skirt
By JP & Mattie
Sally Yoshida Print  Dress By JP & Mattie
Sally Yoshida Print
Dress By JP & Mattie
Swing Tunic
By JP & Mattie
Boatneck Top
Tangerine Tunic  By JP & Mattie
Tangerine Tunic
By JP & Mattie
Boutique Fashion
Cap Sleeve Baby Skin
Tee By JP & Mattie
Indigo Print Batik Skirt
By JP & Mattie
Women's Fashion
Twist Front
Cuddly Shag Sweater
with Turtle Neck
Women's Clothing
Cuddly Shag Sweater
with Bow

About The Designer:

A passion for understated clothes with a twist, a labor of love for their “métier”, and affection for each other are what J.P. & Mattie are all about.

Both were born to textile families in Europe, they grown up modeling classic Shetland coats with Velvet collars for young children, Jean-Pierre Roditi – Paris 1960’s; and making look-alike paper dresses for cut-out dolls of mom & daughter, Mattie-Hel – Istanbul 1960’s. The two have been in the world of fashion design in Paris and Los Angeles for all the years in between then and now.

The J.P. & Mattie Collection is designed with a vintage Parisian couture flair. A lot of research goes into finding the most unique fabrications from Europe. They are known for their nostalgic and yet modern prints. Always understated but with enough sense of humor to make you smile, these clothes have a particular following among customers that eagerly wait for new styles to hit the stores.