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What You Wear

Some people say that if you want to find out everything about a person, you simply need to check out their medicine cabinet. We say that if you want to find out everything about a person, you need to check out their wardrobe! What lies in your wardrobe and jewelry case truly says a lot about the type of person you are. What do we mean by that? Here are some examples.

Trendy Clothing

If you look in your closet and bureau and find mostly clothes that were purchased in the last year or two, you are probably a trendy dresser. This is especially true if the clothing that was purchased was originally seen in a fashion magazine or on a celebrity. A trendy dresser likes to feel confident and hip. She likes to be on top of things and know whatís going on. A trendy dresser probably feels justified in having more shoes or purses than anything else in her wardrobe. She enjoys wearing clothing that looks good, both on the rack and on her. A trendy dresser may set aside a specific amount of her paycheck in order to pay for her quarterly clothing purchases.

Older Clothing

Some people have clothing in their closet that they wore in high school. We donít mean a favorite t-shirt or pair of jeans. We mean an entire wardrobe full of clothes that were fashionable over ten years ago. Eventually these clothes will come back into fashion, but by that time they may be too worn down to work. There is nothing wrong with older clothing, but sometimes it can make a person feel out of focus. If you have a lot of older clothing in your closet, you probably either donít do well, or are scared of change. You may like the clothes you see in the magazines, but donít think theyíd look good on you. So, instead of buying new clothing, you stick to the tried-and-true clothing that you have always used.

Mix and Match

If, in your closet, you have pieces from you high school years, now, and every year in between, you are a mix-and-matcher. You know what you like and you buy it when the mood strikes you. You realize that you can take something from ten years ago and pair it with something from today to make an entirely new style. Generally, the mix-and-matcher is not afraid of taking chances and is a very secure woman. She is comfortable with both he body and her sense of style and is likely to make impulse buys rather than seasonal buys.

Your clothing truly does say a lot about you. What is the most important, however, is feeling comfortable and looking great. Thereís nothing wrong with wearing older clothing, just like thereís nothing wrong with buying something new here and there. In order to look your best, you may have to experiment to find just the right thing. Once you find that thing, however, we guarantee that youíll feel more confident and in control.