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Royal Plush Ribbed Tank Dress
Ribbed Tank Dress
By Royal Plush
Women's Luxury Clothing

Bandana Print Tank
Dress By Royal Plush

Womems Luxury Clothing

Bandana Print Body
Hoodie By Royal Plush

Luxury Casual Clothing
Olive Fleece Hoodie
By Royal Plush
Royal Plush Hooded Peace Dress
Hooded Peace Dress
By Royal Plush
Royal Plush Fleur de Lis Crew Neck
Fleur de Lis Crew Neck
By Royal Plush
Royal Plush Foldover Fleece Pants
Fold Over Pants
By Royal Plush
Royal Plush Tattoo Skirt
Tattoo Skirt
By Royal Plush

About The Designer:

Royal Plush was launched in March 2005 in Los Angeles after nearly one year in development.
Currently, it is carried in over 500 specialty retail stores in the US, Japan, Europe, Canada and

Royal Plush specializes in embellished designs that are interesting without being contrived.
Royal Plush includes a variety of fabrics, including ribbed cotton, fleece, french terry, cashmere
and leather. The line encompasses hoodies, pants, t-shirts tanks, sweaters, down jackets and vests,
as well as a full line of accessories.

Royal Plush is the brainchild of Michelle Waller and has become a family affair. The Waller's
relocated to Los Angeles from Minneapolis the summer of 2006. Michelle and her husband, Steve
now work together to expand Royal Plush Clothing. Not to be left out, their two daughters enjoy
coming to the office as well as their two English Bull dogs, Mojo and Petunia, who look forward to
coming to work Monday morning.

Celebrities such as Terry Hatcher, Hilary Duff, Eva Mendez and others are known to have
purchased Royal Plush.