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Designer Handbag

Artfulwears Handbags

There are women that live and breathe handbags. It used to be that a woman only had two handbags in her closet: one for every day use, and a small, compact clutch for when she went out. Thankfully those days have ended and women have no shame in having dozens of different purses available to grab to suit their needs. Fashion designers understand that us women need our purses like men need football, and have done everything they can to provide us with a huge variety to choose from.

What Does Your Purse Say About You?

Purses are one fashion accessory that really does say what type of a person you are. For instance, if you have a small, extremely organized purse, chances are you are an organized person who dislikes clutter. If you have a large clunky purse that you have to search through for ten minutes to find your debit card, you probably have no problem with extra papers floating on your desk.

If you are a woman whose purse always matches her shoes, you generally like to know what is going on in your life, whereas if you keep the same purse no matter what shoes or outfit you have on, you might have a hard time with change. Can you see how purses can really say a lot about a person?

The Everyday Bag

When looking for a bag to use every day, youíll want something that goes with every outfit. You want something that will be able to fit all of your daily necessities, as well as something that just looks good! Something like the Hobo body Bag by Leaders in Leather. This bag is extremely roomy, and can easily fit your checkbook, wallet, and anything else you need to put in it. It has a nice wide strap, so you know it will stay in place, and some exquisite detail on the outside. The 24H Bag by Karine Dupont is another example of the perfect everyday bag. Itís available in three neutral colors and even had a side pocket that can fit a bottle of water in it. If you carry around a lot of electronic gadgets, be sure to look for a bag that has a number of separate compartments, like the 24H Bag does.

Dressy Handbags

When youíre going out, look for something lightweight and fun. Something like the Velvet Slouchy Bag by Deux Lux. This bag is very light weight, and is just big enough to fit your makeup and purse essentials. It also comes in fun colors, which is perfect for a night on the town. The Stella Beaded Handbag by Chan Luu is another example of a perfect evening bag.

It is good to remember that youíre not stuck with one bag once you get it. There are some women who have hundreds of handbags in their closets, and some who only keep their five or so favorite. A handbag is not like a tattoo: you can always get rid of the old one and get a new one!