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Teresa Goodall Ribbon & Linen Strand Necklace
Ribbon & Linen Strand
Teresa Goodall Necklace
Purple Bubbles Necklace
By Teresa Goodall

About The Designer:

Using color combinations found in nature, Teresa creates accessories that work with the casual soft dressing of today.

A floral garden, to an ocean paradise,... a calming sunset, to the enchanted north woods: colors are layered and blended to make jewelry to complement not one piece of the wardrobe, but many.

Teresa's stoneware beads in organic shapes and colors are individually hand sculptured from clay. The raw clay beads are dipped or painted with glaze and then fired in high temperature kiln. Her stoneware beads are known for the soft hues that are the fruition of this process.

Other beads are gathered from around the world. Czech, African, Indian, Indonesian, and Chinese glass and stones are imported for use in her jewelry. Carved bone beads come from India. The dusty hues of the bone beads are achieved by Teresa mixing colors and dying them in her studio.

Teresa Goodall designs are knotted, wrapped, and made to order by a small talented crew of artisans in Minneapolis. We thank you for appreciating our work. We hope you enjoy our timeless jewelry for years to come.

Raised in rural Minnesota, Teresa is a self-taught jewelry designer. Her parents encouraged her creative interests from an early age. Teresa's father had vast acre of salvaged cars. She would go through the old cars for treasure to be used in her early jewelry creations.

Formal training at the University of Minnesota's design department was cut short by her desire to go into buisness for herself. The first wholesale line was offered to retailers in the spring of 1983.