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Fashion Forward Articles & Style Guide
By Fashion & Style Expert Amy Gordon

Luxury Accessories

Artfulwears style expert, Amy Gordon guides you through luxury accessories.

As you'd expect, features a luxe line of gorgeous little extras. If it's something you never thought you needed, but simply can't live without, then chances are you'll find it here in the virtual walls of

Consider our extensive line of luxury scarves. Fashioned out of chiffon, silk, mohair, and more, these elegant little bits of fabric are indispensable once you become used to them. Silk and chiffon are delightful around the throat, sure, but are also going to be seen around the heads of the fashionable crowd this spring and summer. Think Jackie O; wear them wide and close to the hairline and you'll look ready for a mimosa on the starboard side of your own namesake yacht.

Our designer yoga bags are another "must have." Available in a variety of fabrics, the most elegant version is in embroidered silk, while the most "casual" is crafted from tough and durable--but delightfully patterned--colored canvas. These luxury accessories are not mere mat carriers! They feature waterproof interiors perfect for carrying a towel moist from bikram, and leave your hands free for hugging your yoga instructor, friends, and even the occasional tree.

From glam items designed to make your travel more stylish (like fab laptop bags, embroidered shoe bags, amusing laundry bags, and more) to charming chapeaus and elegantly embellished sandals, we've literally got you covered head to toe in delightful luxury accessories here at Of course, the true definition of luxury is a sweet something one doesn't actually need. Trust us, once you set your eyes on any of these things, you'll consider them necessities.

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