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Fashion Forward Articles & Style Guide
By Fashion & Style Expert Amy Gordon

Womens Boutique

What is a true womens boutique by Artfulwears style expert, Amy Gordon.

You won't find jewelry they sell at the mall at Amy Gordon researches exotic jewelry markets all over the globe. The pieces you find here are evocative of those rare and beautiful pieces one finds at out of the way art galleries and designer showcases tucked away in New York, Santa Fe, or San Francisco.

Stones are cut in unique and interesting ways, and paired in eye-catching and unusual manners. Peridot and milk glass earrings; pearls, garnets, and rose quartz necklaces; rubies and citrine drops; topaz and Peruvian opals--the jewelry you'll find at this unique women's boutique is nothing less than stunning.

Yes, you'll find traditional chains fashioned from sterling silver and 14 karat gold. You'll also find sterling silver circles, leather ropes, and turquoise lariats. You can choose from precious and semi precious stones dangling from precious metal, and also from precious silk and linen. At Artfulwears, you'll find extraordinary handcrafted artistry, perfect for evolving your style.

Not sure that you'll love it once you get it home? Not to worry. We enclose a posted paid return sticker in every package to make returns as painless as possible for you. Want to discuss a piece's specific merits before you buy? Please call us. At, we're so excited our designers and their works of art that we're happy to talk to you anytime, 24 hours a day.

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