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Fashion Forward Articles & Style Guide
By Fashion & Style Expert Amy Gordon

Online Womens Boutique

How do we create a global online womens boutique? By Artfulwears style expert, Amy Gordon. scours the globe for designs that are elegant, flattering, and up to the minute. Fabrics run the gamut from simple to exotic. You can find silk, linen, and the softest cottons as well as chiffon, taffeta, and even metal-infused linen.

Plus, these silhouettes are right here, right now. If you're looking for that multi-panel, asymmetrical skirt in gunmetal gray silk, you'll find it. Cream silk-jersey wrap skirts--so good on most figures!--are also here, as well as fluttering and feminine flounced skirts in the most must-have colors of the day.

Further, an astonishing number of these pieces are highly versatile. You'll find ruched skirts that can double as sexy, casual, strapless tops. Or, try out multi-panel drawstring skirts which allow you to change the look instantly--perfect for travel. You can also find tanks with fluttering sides that can be tied together to create a dramatically different look, giving you unbelievable fashion mileage from one sexy piece.

And these are clothes that are flattering! Amy Gordon does every woman a favor by clearly pointing out in each piece's description why these clothes will work on your figure. But by and large, you don't have to worry. You'll find page after page of figure-friendly designs: fabrics cut on the bias, flat waists, corset waists, tulip skirts, side zips, a-lines. In this distinctive online women's boutique, you'll find only clothes drape and flow beautifully. At, Amy Gordon has created a world-class shopping site ideal for busy women who like to ride fashion trends as they crest, not follow in their wake--artful wares, indeed!

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